Land Rover

I’ve been thinking for a number of years, and have had the a great desire to purchase a Land rover Series 3. In 2015 this succeeds and I bought myself a 109 V8 from 1977. 
And in the submenu Land rover, you can keep up with the ongoing project this will be in to renovate, repair, improve, etc. This Land rover Series 3 109 V8.

Land Rover 109, V8


                             Info on Land Rover 109
        Car : Land Rover, Series 3, 109″ Pick Up, Vol. 1977.
  Engine : Range Rover 3.5 liter. V8 m. Double SU HIF-6 Vol. 1979.
Gearbox : Range Rover, LT 95 – step 4, m. vacuum-controlled center rafters, Vol. 1984. Soon whit overdrive installed




I signed up Danish Land Rover Club at the beginning of the year 2018. The reason for this is that by getting a greater knowledge of the Land rover, acquire off-road driving licence as well as get the social in and around the Club and land rover. So far it has not disappointed me, There have been some really good days of off-road driving, GPS race, and good lectures in DLRK.